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TrimPax® has taken medical weight loss to a whole new level of success! This powerful, safe, and highly effective combination of FDA approved medications helps to reduce appetite, boost energy, and block the fats & carbs you eat from being absorbed into your body making it easier than ever to lose weight! The weight loss plan was invented by renowned Bariatric & Cosmetic Surgeons of Ideal Physicians Weight Loss following years of researching the very best way to help patients live healthier lives, achieve their perfect body, and boost self-esteem! TrimPax® is exclusively available at Ideal Physician Weight Loss.

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3-In-1 Prescription Weight Loss Solution

1. Phentermine

Powerful appetite suppressant means you'll have fewer cravings & more energy.

2. Acarbose

Regulates insulin levels which helps absorb fewer carbs.

3. Xenical

Fats are passed through, not absorbed into your body, making it easier to lose weight.

A Diet Plan Just for You.

TrimPax® is a 3-in-1 combination prescription medication weight loss plan that makes it easier than ever to lose weight! Many patients lose up to 15 pounds in their first week! Safe, effective, and powerful FDA-approved medications phentermine, acarbose, and xenical work together to block many fats and carbs that you eat from being absorbed while suppressing your appetite. TrimPax® is a great option for anyone looking to lose weight in the fastest and easiest way possible! TrimPax® includes a flexible and easy-to-follow diet plan that is designed to accelerate your weight loss helping you reach your goals! 

"I love being asked how much weight I've lost!"

My story started when I was 19. I had lost an ovary due to complications in surgery, and although women get pregnant with one ovary often…I did not want to take that chance to wait and see. Having PCOS already lessened my chances and I did not want the odds against me. I decided to go through with an egg retrieval. My body was so hyper-stimulated given my age and all the synthetic hormones being pumped into it that it caused me to gain close to 70lbs in 8 weeks of treatment. Now, a year and nine months later I am down 85 pounds and have gained a lot from this journey. Thank you to Dr. Alexander Villares for creating a meal plan that worked for me and so many others. Without your help & the help of your attentive and thoughtful staff, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Whether it was getting on the schedule last minute for a weigh-in, or scheduling my surgery, I never had to ask twice. The staff is efficient in scheduling and returning phone calls, and always has a smile on their face. Dr. Villares has a charm about him! He knows what is best for his patients, and advocates for them thoroughly. I love being asked how much weight I’ve lost and how it gives me a chance to brag about this remarkable team! Thank you again. I’m forever grateful!


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Safe, Effective, and Powerful medications Phentermine, Acarbose, and Xenical work together to block many fats and carbs that you eat from being absorbed while suppressing your appetite.

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On average, people can lose 15 pounds in the first week.

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The ingredients in Trimpaxplus (Phentermine, Acarbose, and Xenical) are all FDA approved.

No, Trimpax® Plus is not a part of a study. It is proven to be effective in weight loss.